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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to Synchronize Your Life

It is prudent in life to set up your own principles about things so that you will become a respectable person. To become a respectable person, you should be able to grip to your own principles without having to bend them; let alone breaking them. Principles are the way to discipline yourself in times where your leadership capability is questioned by others. Compromising your own principles will always turns out to be the cause of being humiliated by others.

Sometimes people just don’t understand how hard it is to uphold your principles. For instance, if you are a woman and you have no idea on how to ware tudung, you will try to learn from others though you are well-known as a tudung maker. To you, your principle is to ask others on “how to ware tudung” as you believe that by not being shy to ask questions is the only way to learn things. Therefore you decide that in order to know how to ware tudung properly, you rather be called an idiot than knowing at all how to ware tudung the right way.

Most of the time people never learn the proper way of upholding the principles or when is the right time to hold to it. There are also times when the principles are not to be applied. For example if the princilpe you made about twenty years ago about not to buy a proton saga, that same principle will no longer applicable these days as the car is now a smarter choice to save some money than buying foreign cars from Japan or United States. The idea here is to let you know that it is better to be rich like hell than die trying. I don’t even know where do I get that kind of saying haha but I do know one thing; life is a beach and life does suck.

Learning how to work in an environment where there are people who just don’t want to learn the truth is hard. People love to gossip about things and about rumors but never put even a miniscule amount of interest when it comes to learning the truth. That’s how people’s minds are. Some even cockily said that what’s the point of knowing the truth as there is no fun in knowing them. This narcissism behavior is certainly not bringing you anywhere and you will only end up paying more than what already earned. That is how hard it is to educate the reticent people about this in despicable matter. In other words, life is not just about learning proper way how to ware tudung.

Love is a harder case to handle as you just can't cheat your way out from it. When it comes to loving tudung sulam, you just can't deny the fact that life can be sucked into microscopic circumstances just for the sake of knowing that truth is just what you need to be known as the proper repellent. If you just can't stand there and watch how the tudung is made into proper bawal fish, then it is how tudung is considered to be unlawful to be spoken of or what they say as taboo. Some of the moments that was created purposely to avoid practical substances from blossoming is just undisputed to tell you the truth. As long as time is given to this situation, then it is best to keep things in peace and harmony. Just let the tudung to handle the given scenario.

Feeling the hit is another criteria that should be taken care of. Instead of looking at the mirror alone in the house, it is best to keep the life out from the regular routine that is not bringing you anywhere in the house. People know that to stimulate the current economic recession will only bring you to injustice environment. So what is best to be kept in the house at this time? The answer lies in having multiple network to work out on the proper issues.

Sometimes it is true that life is hard and relaxing at the comfort at your own house is the only way to escape from the sound of metropolis. You crave to have a good night sleep but yet to discover that partying at nights might just be the only way to stay awake at the right moment. As long as you understand the point of this matter, you will one day learn that life is not that hard and blogging is the way to survive in this world.

If you ever have a dream that comes true, then you are welcome to join the club and makes everything turns white. If not, we can't just sit on the broken toilet bowl to and think how the heck that life is going to serve you the needy needs. Can a needle be swallowed and survived? That's all up to heavens and earth. Even the song and the soundtrack may only bring you sorrow life instead of a happy one like a dog. Take one shot of the whole picture and you will definitely see where to put the last piece as life is like that. Yes, life is just like a jigsaw puzzle. You can only see the small part and it is hard to understand the whole picture unless you have gone through many practices.

Happy reading.